Friday 14 February

Auvernou et l'escapade givrée

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TV dinner

Do you spend the evening at home ? Discover our selection of practical and varied advice to enjoy your meal in front of a series or a good movie !

Se créer un coin coconing

Build up itself a corner cocooning for TV dinner set in winter

The temperatures decrease and the summer is already far … No panic, here is some ideas to warm your inside and fit out a cocooning small place for your future TV evenings.


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Sapresti-Burger végétarien

A vegetarian TV dinner

Discover here the recipe of the fresh burger in vegetables.

For the most more urgent

Prepare a TV dinner set fast made but done well with the vegetarian Burger of Sapresti Traiteur.


See our Veggie burger soybean patty mozzarella

Sapresti-Plateau télé

TV series to watch together

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Sapresti-Plateau télé


You need some inspiration for your TV dinner of this evening?

Find ideas simple to realize.


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Sapresti-Plateau télé

Make your own TV dinner set

No need to be king of the do-it-yourself to make oneself its TV dinner set !

How to make it ?