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Auvernou et l'escapade givrée

SaprestiMag - Entête Healthy


Saprestimag - Manger équilibré

What is a balanced diet and how ?

To sum up, eating a balanced diet means eating a variety of foods while taking into account the caloric intake of the foods consumed.


A balanced plate will contain :  



Protein intake (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) 

A supply of vegetables (2/3 of the plate) 

A supply of starchy foods: pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes, cereals... (1/3 of the plate) 




Not to mention that you should eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (one serving is about the size of a tennis ball or a closed fist).


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Auvernou lance sa gamme bio

Sausage... BIO!

Modern and trendy, the mini sausages of the Auvernou brand are now available in organic form. It is the guarantee of eating healthy while acting for the environment. Find out more about Auvernou's organic products by clicking here.

SaprestiMag - Insomnie

Foods that promote sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you usually feel bloated at night? We present to you the foods to promote to remedy this situation.


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SaprestiMag - Soupe pho

Eat light in the evening ? How and why ?  

As you already know, in absolute terms, it is necessary to eat lighter in the evening for our body and simply to sleep better. This article will help you prepare your dinners

A vegetarian and gourmet aperitif

Do you receive and have no time to devote to cooking? We recommend our vegetarian pizza.

Surprise your guests with a gourmet pizza without animal flesh.


SaprestiMag - We Love Green

We Love Green - a committed festival

We Love Green is a French electro-pop music festival organized in Paris since 2011, taking place in early June.


We Love Green's commitment: responsible catering by offering festival-goers healthy, thoughtful, fair and just catering. We Love Green was based on the methods and principles developed by CERVIA but also SLOWFOOD and the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture.


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