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Friday 14 February

Auvernou et l'escapade givrée

Bandeau Auvernou
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Dry-cured charcuterie made with 100% french pork. A take-anywhere snack to suit all tastes.

Auvernou presents its dry-cured pure pork products with incomparable flavour. From more traditional formats to bite-sized morsels, we have something to suit all tastes and situations, whether you're snacking solo or with your family or your friends. Auvernou dry-cured sausages are available from your local supermarket and vending machines, as from train snack cars and service stations so you can still enjoy them while travelling.

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Auvernou_snacking_saucisson sec
Sapresti - bandeau marque
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Discover our incomparable snacks, as toasty and tasty as right out of the oven!

Sapresti microwavable recipes have been carefully developed by our chefs so you can enjoy meals on the go without compromising flavour. The packaging was designed to ensure your snacks are perfectly crisp and golden brown. A delicious and convenient meal ready in less than 2 minutes!

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Bandeau - Maison Sapresti
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Maison Sapresti : quality and creativity for your daily meals and festive occasions.

Maison Sapresti brings innovative and upscale catering quality as well as excellent charcuterie to your daily shopping. Featuring traditional recipes given a modern flair by our highly skilled chefs, our products are the perfect solution for both your daily meals and your festive dinners !

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