Friday 14 February

Auvernou et l'escapade givrée

Maison Sapresti

Drinks and nibbles with friends

You wish to amaze your friends during your next aperitif ?

Here are some ideas which could inspire you !

Apéro entre amis 1

Did you know ?

The aperitif, the French-style manners


The aperitif is a tradition. Yes but since when ? Here are some marks to better know the history of the aperitif in France.

The term "aperitif" comes from the Latin aperire, which means "opening". And it is exactly the function of an aperitif ! The tradition of the aperitif would go back to the Middle Ages. The first aperitifs with plants had a function purely médecinales. It is only at the end of the Second World War that this friendly moment became a French custom.


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Sapresti-Apero entre amis

Aperitif detox

Aperitif and alcohol-free are not incompatible. Surprise your friend with beautiful and good cocktails detox !


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Sapresti-Apero entre amis

Improvised aperitif

You friends turn up in 20 minutes and your refrigerator is empty ? No panic, mini terrines Maison Sapresti will know how to treat your guests thanks to their trendy and original packaging.


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Italian aperitif

Do you need idea for an aperitif at your home ? An Italian aperitif will make all its effect !

Choose among a wide choice of pre-cut toast Maison Sapresti : pizza ham cheese, pizza three cheeses, foccacias.


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Sapresti-Apero entre amis

Cleverness decoration

Customize your tray for a colored aperitif !


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Sapresti-Apero entre amis

Playlist for a successful aperitif

Quiet atmosphere insured thanks to playlists proposed below. No need to shout to hear each other !