Friday 14 February

Auvernou et l'escapade givrée

recettes & astuces pour un brunch à la maison

The art of brunch

Sleeping late and enjoying a fancy brunch : the recepy for a perfect Sunday.

l'origine du brunch

Did you know ?

Contraption of the words "breakfast" and "lunch", brunch is a late morning meal replacing breakfast and lunch. Ideal after a late lie-in on Sunday, this meal allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A "real brunch" must include a starter, main course and dessert.


The brunch tradition comes from the United States where the recipe differs from one region to another. Adopted by the English in the 19th century, this tradition became popular in other European countries, but it was only in the 1980s that this type of meal became popular in France. The sacred trio of breakfast, lunch and dinner is still resisting the invader!


Brunch is offered in hotels, restaurants and cafés, even during the week. But it's even better to enjoy it at home, sitting comfortably.

recette de brunch français

French brunch

The French culinary repertoire is full of interesting dishes to mix in a brunch. Create your own ideal meal.

recette de brunch anglais

English brunch

In France, we look at Anglo-Saxon cuisine with suspicion. Yet it is perfect for a late brunch.

tortilla chorizo à emporter

Ready to go

No time to cook? Try our individual Maison Sapresti tortillas.

50 nuances de brunch - recettes facile

50 shades of brunch

Explore this metaphorical mountain of recipes to vary the pleasures. The possibilities are endless!

Or try and find the best address to order a brunch around you.

sons d'ambiance pour le brunch

Relaxing ambiance

Four mixes of natural sounds to relax during brunch: