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Auvernou et l'escapade givrée

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Sapresti gives to traditional french recipes a modern twist to offer you new bold and elegant culinary experiences.

We love creating, inventing, and exploring new ways to better meet the ever-evolving needs of our consumers. Bringing a guarantee of French culinary expertise to our dedicated workshops, we ensure to keep both feet on the ground as we continue to aim higher, preserving the quality and excellence of all of our products.

Our story

Sapresti Traiteur_Tresses
1983 When it all began !

It all began with our famous braided pastries, the innovative pastries that immediately pushed Sapresti to the forefront of the French catering scene. Still today, our braids remain as popular as ever.

Sapresti Traiteur_Minis
1991 Then came the mini

Hand-made by artisans with a passion for their craft, the little duckling captivated an entire generation. Since then, a wide variety of minis (rabbits, snowmen, etc.) have continued to win the hearts of children and adults alike.

Sapresti Traiteur_Croque Monsieur
2010 The revolution

Sapresti launched its line of microwavable products in a desire to offer products of uncompromising quality. The success of its toasty golden-brown croque-monsieur earned it an Trends and Innovation Award at SIAL, the international food exhibition in Paris.

2010 A new addition

2010 also saw the launch of the brand Auvernou, offering consumers dry-cured pure pork charcuterie made in France with French pork for grab-and-go snacks delicious in any situation.

Sapresti Traiteur_Pizzas
2013 New culinary territory

The Sapresti Traiteur line expanded to include ethnic flavours from abroad: focaccias, pizzas, tortillas, empanadas, and more!

Sapresti Traiteur_Marque Auvernou
2014 Breaking with convention

Evermore inventive, Sapresti drew inspiration from the plush world of French pastry-making and its established techniques to create a delicious cold starter: the Merveilleux. It was soon followed by other products that reflect the brand's signature approach to creation.

Sapresti Traiteur_Woodbox
2016 Fulfilling daily needs

By giving its terrines a more modern presentation, Sapresti integrated French tradition into daily living and offered new ways to enjoy charcuterie with a mini format that fits changing consumer lifestyles.